The Dustbunny™
1st of a kind!
The world's first round cleaner goes under furniture, rolls between items, and cleans all the hard to reach places.

Collect dustbunnies clinging to the wall that SwifferŽ* can not easily reach.


The Dustbunny™ cleaner guides itself under furniture, in and out of corners and around electrical cords to collect pet hair.

Use one or more Dustbunny's to easily combat this endless cycle of pet hair that collects in corners of your rooms.

Fun and Entertaining
This is not your mother's broom, but a modern approach to cleaning that makes everyone smile (including the cat!).
The Dustbunny™ is a simple, effective, and low cost solution.

*Swiffer is a registered trademark of Procter and Gamble Company


The Dustbunny Cleaner is Patent Pending. © 2005 All Rights Reserved.