Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Dustbunny work best?
In hard to reach places to collect dustbunnies!

Can I use the Dustbunny to clean carpet?
No. The Dustbunny Cleaner works on hard floor surfaces.  However, it will roll across low pile throw rugs.

Does the Dustbunny come in multiple colors?
Yes. Red, Orange and Green Dustbunnys are available.

I want to give the Dustbunny Cleaner as a gift. Can I have my items shipped to more than one address?
Shipping to multiple addresses is not available at this time. You need to place a separate order for each address.

Can I turn the cleaning sleeves inside out?

Is the Dustbunny cleaner pet friendly?
Most definitely. Your pet might even be entertained by the Dustbunny cleaner.

How do I replace the battery?
Twist open the Dustbunny cleaner at it's hemisphere. Once open, use a screwdriver to loosen the screw at the top of the battery holder. Replace battery.

Will the Dustbunny Cleaner replace my vacuum cleaner or my Swiffer™?
No. The Dustbunny Cleaner supplements regular cleaning and will clean where one typically does not spend much time - such as under a bed or under furniture.


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